Internship Experience

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Internship Experience

The Creative Minds Internship Experience is our most competitive and highly sought after program component, as we only accept a select number of interns per festival and for the lucky few the sky is the limit.

The Creative Minds Internship Experience is geared towards individuals with career aspirations to work in the Film & Television industry. This unique experience affords the participants an opportunity to work intimately with a Film or Television company in a department pertinent to the participant’s career goals. It also provides the students with an opportunity to prove themselves with a company that could hire them and launch their career. The program consists of an internship with a noteworthy Film or Television company, follow up assistance with post festival job securing and access to exclusive parties & networking events.

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  2. Andrew "Dru" Keck

    Just looking to expand my horizons a tad, I’m a broadcast journalism major and have gotten my feet wet in the acting paradigm to a degree. I honestly have little what I could consider formal experience with film , so I won’t bore you with all the ethereal details of who I am that suggest I have the capacity to emerge into the field seemlessly, but if you have an internship available I will gladly accept it


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